Electrical Panel Manufacturing

We make and sell a diverse range of Motor Starter Panels, Electrical Control Panels, Power Distribution Panels, APFC Panels, AMF Panels, and DG Sync Panels, thanks to our committed staff. These electrical panels are generally acclaimed among our customers because they are CPRI approved, manufactured utilizing high-quality components and cutting-edge technology. Our clients highly value the given electrical panels due to their many characteristics such as excellent performance, optimum functioning, power efficiency, easy installation, sturdy construction, long life, and so on.

MARTINET has risen to prominence as one of India’s leading Electrical Panel makers. To meet the industry’s demanding standards, we provide the full range. Our technically competent team makes our products meticulously to offer international quality standards.

Our in-house manufacturing plant is fitted with cutting-edge technologies. This assists us in bringing our Power Control Panel up to international standards of excellence. To ensure reliable operation, our experts use premium quality raw materials for creating Electrical Panel Board.

What features does an electrical panel manufacturer include in its product?

The Electrical Panel houses many circuit breakers wired to a circuit that distributes power in various commercial and industrial sectors such as refineries, chemicals, design and automobiles, and many others. These are mainly utilized to produce power for large factories and machines. It resembles a steel box that covers all of the circuits and wires inside it regulated, so protecting your circuits from damage or fire.

Because these operate at a varied voltage or current levels, they are available in various specifications to meet the needs of multiple industries. As a result, before purchasing or investing in an Electrical Panel, you must assess your existing and future requirements for electrical units for operating gear. Their market need is expanding daily due to numerous features such as ease of installation and operation, power efficiency, complete safety, outstanding design, less power consumption than any other similar product, requires
minimal maintenance, long-lasting life, affordable price, firm structure, high durability,
and many more.

We provide electrical panel services to a variety of industries

These are widely utilized in many industries, including automotive, food and beverage, power generation, metal forming machines and many more processes. And as a result of their use in various industries, demand in domestic and foreign markets has skyrocketed. The finest thing about these is that they are perfect for electrical arrangements and provide excellent support. Don’t underestimate the value of these panels for any industrial plant; their excellent efficiency allows you to boost your productivity.

Features Of Electrical Panel

  • Assurance of quality
  • Simple upkeep
  • Cost-effective
  • Exceptional performance
  • Value for Money

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